Uni School drop out

18 and confused. When your whole life has consisted of obediently following the pre-planned path that parents/society/teachers have ingrained into your head, what’s a girl to do when she finds herself a little of track the beaten track? Primary school, high school, uni, job, married, kids, retire, die. I managed to complete the first two steps, but when uni rolled around I started to question if this was the life I really wanted. I started a degree last year and dropped out cause of low job prospects, I started a new degree this year and am already having serious doubts. The education system i experienced didn’t even let us consider life without a degree. The mounting pressure I feel only increases when i watch my older sister passionately pursuing her ‘fresh outta high school’ dreams and making my parents oh so proud.

I know that my options are seemingly limitless, my family have always supported my choices and encouraged me to pursue my passions, but at the end of the day how is an 18 year old supposed to pick a degree? How am i supposed to pick something to base my life around when my opinion on what I like and dislike changes on an hourly basis?